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About Us

Company ART POLYGRAPH photowall is the founder of the industry in the Russian market and has a leading position. For 20 years we have accumulated considerable experience in the development and production of sought-after design desktop in the Russian market.

Since 2013, together with our Italian partner, we began to develop a new direction - the production freski.Vsem know that Italy is a trendsetter of interior fashion world trends, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that it is in Italy began manufacturing printed murals. Our partners in Italy provided us with high quality equipment and raw materials, so that our mural of high quality and meet the poslednnimu Veen fashion. Our engineers and designers are trained each year in Italy and involved in the development of new coatings. That is why every year on the interior exhibition Mosbild we present the new cover.

Production is located in Moscow, so we can provide a high level of production control and stable supply in a fairly short period of time. Our designers are always ready to help you select an image of the invoice, as well as create an image of your choice, sketch.