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Terms & Conditions


This offer represents a formal proposal of the Company (the Contractor), addressed to specific persons (customer) who take this offer in respect of the paid services on application images and express their intention to conclude the Agreement to provide services offer by the Contractor on the following terms of this Offer.

In accordance with Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Civil Code), an unconditional acceptance (acceptance) the terms of this contract is considered to offer the customer the implementation of payment of the fees and the Contractor receives the relevant financial document confirming the payment.

1. Terms and definitions
In the Agreement, unless the text of the Treaty does not expressly provide otherwise, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:

eleven. Contract-offer - this document is published on the Internet at the following address:, as well as to familiarize directed via e-mail or provide in order to avail any other way.

12. Websites, - the contents of the web pages located on the Internet at domains

13. Customer - a natural or legal person wishing to obtain the services.

14. The representative of the customer - the authorized representative of the Customer, a relative.

15. The service - drawing the selected images to the selected Customer Customer Material. The cost of the service does not include treatment of images or the image itself.

16. The image - a picture or photograph received or paid sources or provided by or obtained by other means. Images can be selected in the sample images on the Executor's website and other online resources. Contractor shall be entitled to acquire a verbal or written request of the customer necessary for the customer image.

1.7. Material - the material tested by the Contractor, placed in the form of names and or images on the site of the Contractor and capable of drawing the image. The name of the material is given by the Contractor and is marketing its product. The name of the material may be different from that adopted in other organizations. Artist operates its own name Material.

18. Design and Image Processing - a set of actions Executor aimed at changing the image of any parameters.

19. Standard - test application portion of the image on the fragment of material for matching texture and color produced, performed at the request of the customer.

1.10. Installation - the process of applying the material carrying the image on the surface of the wall or ceiling. Produced by the Customer independently taking into account the recommendations of the installation (sticker).

1.11. Delivery - the process of organizing the delivery of material with a drawing of the image to the specified Customer address. Carried out by the customer.

1.12. Application - Customer data registered in the electronic and or paper form, with details of the Customer (any, allow the identification of payments, such as email, name, phone number), and image parameters, materials and other features of the Service.

1.13. The company - a legal entity that provides printing services under this contract. Contractor and otvechtikom obyazatelstvam of the present dogovru is the one company on behalf of which the invoice for payment and received by appropriate funds.

2. Subject of the agreement

2.1. The Contractor shall provide services for printing on material (the "Services") on the Application of the Customer, and the Customer undertakes to pay for these services.

2.2. Cost of services corresponds to the account issued by the Executor.

3. The rights and obligations of the Contractor

3.1. The Contractor shall provide a service for printing on material in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

3.2. The Contractor shall provide the Customer verbal advice on the choice of material, knowing that the responsibility for the final selection of the material is only on the customer.

3.3. The Contractor shall provide the Customer verbal advice on the selection of the image, understanding that the responsibility for the final selection of the image is only for the Customer.

3.4. The Contractor shall provide the Customer verbal advice on the installation process, understanding that the responsibility for the final selection and execution of Installation is only by the customer.

3.5. The Contractor shall provide at the request of the customer the customer sample was selected images on selected customer material size no more than 30cm * 40cm. This service is paid for separately.

3.6. Contractor has the right to provide the service at the request of the customer design or image editing. This service is paid for separately.

3.7. The Contractor undertakes to arrange delivery at the request of the customer. This service is paid for separately.

4. The rights and obligations of the Customer

4.1. The customer chooses and approves the image and material.

4.2. The customer decides to buy her own or not to order production of samples.

4.3. The customer is obliged to provide in advance (before the start of the process of drawing pictures) applied the exact dimensions of images and make necessary suggestions. The ability to make changes in the size and or image parameters after the commencement of services under the Contract no.

4.4. Customer must own or through their representatives, to check the size, material, quality of printing on material in the preparation of services.

4.5. The customer is fully responsible for the actions of its Representatives in preparation of documents, the provision of information to provide services or results Services.

4.6. Customer shall at its own expense and shall decide all questions relating to the use of copyright and related rights in the image provided by the Contractor. In the case of submission of the Contractor claims, demands and / or claims from third parties, including from the copyright holders, Customer shall permit these demands, claims and / or lawsuits, at his own expense shall reimburse the Contractor for all losses in connection therewith.

5. The procedure for the provision of, payment and acceptance of services

5.1. In order to receive Services, Customer selects the image material and sets the image size of the materials. Customer udostoverivaetsya as his chosen images and can take advantage of a free consultation of the Contractor. Decision on the possibility to use the selected image Customer accept yourself, knowing that the responsibility for the selection of images and the quality is personalized by the customer.

5.2. The customer determines the need for additional services: design, image editing, production samples, delivery.

5.3. Paid in advance 100% of the ordered services.

5.4. If the service is ordered samples, design or image editing is their own or through a representative approves the results provide these services in person by signing the relevant documents or approval of The email. Data harmonization is legitimate and integral part hereof.

5.5. Since the approval of samples or the flow of funds to the account of - depending on what comes later - provides services for printing on material. After the start of production of the approval samples no change Deadline services is ten (10) working days, if the Contractor is not informed of the Customer to the contrary term. Allowed more rapid service delivery.

5.6. Since the performance of services of printing on material, the material is ready for delivery within two (2) working days and on request, it can be delivered to the address the customer by customer. Delivery time is determined by the parameters of this service hired by the Contractor for the purpose of transport services and not included in the Term of services under the Agreement.

5.7. End of services for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs supported by the relevant act of the Service.

5.8. The services are provided to individuals confirmed by the absence of claims in writing to the Contractor within three days from the time of delivery or at the time of signing the transfer form Customer Order.

5.9. Full and unconditional acceptance of Services is a direct result of the use of services supplied to a full or partial installation. In this case, services are considered rendered completely with proper quality and in the required quantity. The result of poor installation can serve no grounds for any compensation.
5.10 The goods resulting from the provision of the Services, made-to-measure, images, and other parameters for the customer. As a commodity endowed and having specific properties and characteristics of non-refundable in accordance with Article 26.1.Zakona consumer protection.

Article 26.1. Law on Consumer Protection.
The consumer is not entitled to refuse the goods of good quality, having individually defined properties if the specified goods may be used only by the consumer buys it.
6. Price and payment

6.1. Services provided by the Contractor to the Customer under the Agreement, are subject to VAT at a rate corresponding to the tax system of the Contractor.

6.2. Payment for services under this Agreement in accordance with clause 6.1. this Treaty by bank transfer of funds in the form of a 100% advance payment on account of the Contractor.
6.3. The customer has no right to payment under this Agreement, the offer (including the acceptance of the offer to make) to the Contractor from the accounts of third parties without the Contractor's written notice to the Customer, followed by obtaining the consent of the Contractor.

6.4. Acts on the provision of services exhibited by the Contractor to the Customer (for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs) on the last day of service.

6.7. If the Act on the provision of services is not contested by the Customer within three days from the date it is granted, it is considered to be signed by the Customer and service - provided.

6.8. Invoices are set by the Contractor in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.


7.1. The parties agreed that the claims of the application parameters tehnichskim Images (namely - blur, color, pixelation, and others) will be taken by the Contractor only if the discrepancy ordered made and signed by the customer samples. Otherwise, the claim is considered to be unfounded. The parties have come to a complete agreement that the only legitimate way to approval settings and the material is an order and approval of the samples. Customer informed, understand and agree that when printing on material color, brightness, hue, blur and other parameters can be different from the screen, as this is defined as the monitor settings and the characteristics of the material, which is applied to the image. Technology of drawing images, a deviation of up to 5% for each channel CMYK.

7.2. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Offer assuming acceptance of the offer by the Customer to the Contractor represents and warrants that:
- Customer have reliable data, including personal data of the Customer when placing a request for services, including personal data including the customer when you make the payment documents for payment of services;
- The customer enters into a contract of voluntary, wherein: a) fully acquainted with the conditions of the Offer, b) fully understands the subject of the Offer and Agreement, c) fully understands the meaning and consequences of their actions in relation to the conclusion and execution of the Agreement;
- Customer has all the rights and powers necessary for the conclusion and execution of the Agreement; his actions do not disturb and do not entail the violation of the law and / or the rights of third parties.

7.3. The parties agreed that the claim on quality and quantity will only be accepted during the acceptance-delivery of the order - the number, size and quality. After the labels of products no claim

7.4. The parties agreed that in the absence of the ordered material the Contractor is entitled to use the most close by external parameters (texture) material of their choice. In case of replacement of the base material by the decision of the Contractor does not increase the price of services. The customer is informed that the material meets the required health and safety standards and is certified, if subject to certification in accordance with the law. The base material may have a specific smell that does not mean its poor quality or unfitness.

7.5. Customer informed, aware and agrees that the Assembly - a complicated procedure that requires great skill. The customer received clarification that the Assembly made a strong adhesive wallpaper adhesive is applied only on the wall, the glue is not exposed to the front surface as this may lead to spoilage of the paint layer. If you still got glue on the facade of the - we recommend using plenty of clean water dampened soft cloth to remove excess glue. Material and dyes are not afraid of water, but to subject them to physical effects (scrub) is not recommended - it threatens to damage of very thin ink layer. The paint used in the printing industry, allows a small set-off in contact with water, without sagging. Customer fully understands that the installation procedure is unambiguous action on quality, quantity and packaging of services rendered and claims on quality of gluing the Contractor will not be accepted.

7.6. Responsibility for the selection and use of the images is entirely the responsibility of the customer. Contractor shall not be liable for any loss or damage, including - copyright infringement caused to third parties as a result of improper or illegal use of drawing the image.

7.7. None of the Parties shall not be liable for the total or partial failure to fulfill any of its obligations if the failure is the result of circumstances such as flood, fire, earthquake and other natural disasters, war or military operations, and other force majeure arising after the conclusion of the Agreement.

7.8. In the case of force majeure for more than 3 (three) months, either party may unilaterally refuse to perform its obligations under the Treaty (to terminate the Agreement).

8. Settlement of Disputes

8.1. In case of disputes between the Customer and the Contractor on issues related to the execution of the Agreement, the parties will take all measures to resolve them through negotiations.

8.2. In case of failure to settle these disputes through negotiation, they should be resolved in court in the Moscow Arbitration Court or the court of general jurisdiction in the location of the manufacturer.

9. Entry into force and effect

9.1. The Agreement shall enter into force upon acceptance of this offer by the Customer pre-paid services in the bank account.

9.2. The contract is an offer in accordance with the Civil Code st.435 and therefore the Contractor shall have the right to review the agreement as an offer according to st.436 Civil Code.

9.3. The contract is concluded for the time necessary for the complete discharge of obligations under the contract. In the event of termination of the Agreement by the Customer in accordance with claim 1 st.782 the Civil Code, the Contractor shall return to the Customer the funds paid by the Customer to the Contractor under the Contract, less the value of services actually rendered.

9.4. Issues not regulated by the Agreement, shall be settled in accordance with Russian law.

13. Details of the Contractor

119180, Moscow, st. B.Yakimanka, 31, of.136
For individuals:

Legal address: 119415, Moscow, st. Udaltsov, 21
Fakt.adres: 119180, Moscow, st. B.Yakimanka, 31, of.410
TIN 7729514310
PPC 772901001
Name of Bank: Bank "Rosevrobank" (JSC) Moscow
P / s 40702810403000260121
K / s 30101810800000000777
BIC 044585777
OKPO 74503231
BIN 1047796763816